This painting is from a movie called "Lucy".  The movie is about a woman who accidentally imbibes a substance which causes her intelligence to start evolving.  This still from the movie, to me, suggests the idea of 'realization' - the moment when someone realizes they are much more than they thought they were previously...  I think this painting is about levels of consciousness - and realizing there are higher levels than we suspected before.

"Doorway / New Realities /  Me and Me"


    This painting is from a film called 'The Adjustment Bureau'.   Cool movie.  On one level (the most overt) it is the romantic story of two people who fall in love and against all odds and against the ‘orders’ of the ‘Adjustment Bureau’ - the establishment - the powers that be - the ‘should’ people - this couple struggle to stay together.

     The image driving this painting is what seems like two people going through a doorway... into another reality?!  So one of the meanings of this painting addresses the idea of 'new realities'.  On another level (at first) the painting seems like it is two people... but it is also one person - me perhaps - or the duel sides of 'every person' struggling to find happiness….   


…. peace