Eo Omwake

      I am a contemporary artist to be sure.  But what does that mean?  I am conservative, in that I believe in classic painting.  Yet, I also believe in pushing the boundaries of what art can be.  After all I have done non-representational fake-fur paintings.  I paint with glitter.  I do realism.  I mix it all together.  Why not?  What is there to lose?  I think all approaches are valid – and that art is totally free when it comes to style.  Realism, Abstraction – it is all the same.  They are all good.  It is what you say that is important.  Not the approach – the style.  It is the feeling and magic you evoke.  The only thing we need do is make good paintings.  To be recognizable and personal.  To express yourself.  I don’t believe that ‘skill’ or ‘technique’ is all there is to art.  Art is much more than simply that.  Skill is just the vehicle that one uses to make art.  Skill helps us communicate the art ‘stuff’ – the content – the real stuff.
Art is about Expression.

Contradiction is Impossible.

This is that.

To make art:

Fake It and Fix It...