Graduated Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Pa., 1968


Kenmore Gallery, Phila., 1968
Henri Gallery, Washington, D.C., 1971
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Phila., 1970, 1972
Fischbach Gallery, N.Y.C., 1972
Invited Contributing Artist, Marcel Duchamp Retrospective, Phila. Museum of Art, 1972
Marion Locks Gallery, Phila., 1972
Cheltenham Annual Painting Exhibition, First Prize, 1971
Invited Artist, Hobson Pittman Memorial Exhibition, Pa. Academy Museum, 1973
Penna. Academy Annual Exhibition of American Art, Phila., 1973
Earth Art Regional Exhibition, Phila. 1973
Invited artist, Whitney Annual of American Art, N.Y.C., 1972
Invited artist, Whitney Annual of American Art, N.Y.C.,  1973
Louis K. Meisel Gallery, N.Y.C., 1974
63rd Annual Randolph Macon College Exhibition, 1974
Pyramid Gallery, Washingtion, D.C., 1975
Portfolio Gallery, Dusseldorf, Germany, 1976
University of Delaware Regional Exhibition, Delaware, 1976
Alverthorpe Annual Exhibition, First Prize, Penna.1976
Invited Exhibiton of American Art, Tehran, Iran, 1976
University of Texas, 1977
Robinson Gallery, Houston, Tx., 1977
Institute of Contemporary Art, Phila. 1978
Zaks Gallery, Chicago, 1980
Buchard Gallery, Montreal, Canada, 1980
Sebastian Moore Gallery, Boulder, Co., 1980Race Gallery, Phila. 1979, 1981
Linea Plus Gallery, N.Y.C., 1982
Park Row Gallery, Sante Fe, N.Mex., 1982
Susan Isaacs Gallery, Wilmington, De., 1988
Delaware Annual Regional Exhibition, Wilmington, De., 1992
Delaware Annual Regional Exhibition, Wilmington, De., 1993
John Caccicola Gallery, NYC, NY.  1995
Peng Gallery, Phila, Pa.  1998, 1999, 2000
Carolyn Roberts Gallery, Wilm. Del., 2001
Summerville-Manning Gallery, Wilm. De.,  1997, 2007
Rosenfeld Gallery, Phila.   2008
Gallery 919, Wilm. De.  2008
A.I. Dupont Gallery – Towerhill School, Wilm. De.  2009
Blue Streak Gallery, Wilm. De.  2010, 2011

Chester County Art Association, West Chester, Pa.  2012 – MERIT AWARD

Blue Streak Gallery, Wilm. De.  2012

Chris White Gallery Retrospective 2012

Gibby Center For The Arts, Middletown, De.  2014

Companion Show with David Lynch Exhibition, Phila.  2014

Blue Streak Gallery, Wilmington, De.  2014

Scarlet Thicket Group Show, Pa.  2016

Rosemont College Solo Exhibition  2016

National Invitational Exhibition - Oxford Art Alliance  2018

Regional Exhibition  Center for the Creative Arts,  Yorklyn, De.  2018

Represented in:
      Mr. Omwake is represented in many public and private collections
Other capacities:

- Assistant Curator for the N.E.W.S. National Drawing Exhibition at Moore College of Art,       Phila., 1979
- Visiting Artist in Residence at the University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Tx., 1978
- Visiting Artist Moore College of Art, Phila.
- Visiting Artist, University of Pennsylvania, Phila.
- Teacher and Critic in Painting and Drawing at Drexel University, Phila.
- Instructor of Painting and Critic at the Pa. Academy of Fine Arts from 1977 until 1993
- Instructor in Painting and Drawing at the Delaware Art Museum from 1979 until current
- Produced and Directed eight specialty videos
- Published and reviewed in Art in America, Artforum, Art News, and numerous other            publications regionally, nationally, and internationally

“For me color is very important... It is the emotional base of my painting”
                    -- Eo Omwake

“I have painted in realism, expressionism, abstraction, and non-representational styles.  The thing I like about 

non-representational-ism is the freedom and lack of figurative orientation. This allows the painting to take on many levels of meaning free of association the things in the outside world"
                  -- Eo Omwake


“My paintings are sums of everything I have experienced.  They are about life."
                 -- Eo Omwake

“I am for painting that points to the territory of the unknown... toward something transcendental - that still includes the mundane and even the ugly.”
                   -- Eo Omwake


“Art is the search for freedom.”
                  -- Eo Omwake  


"I am for an art that contains the spark of humanity -  and shows the spirit of the age.  Art is the constant search into the unknown for something we have never seen before.”
                   -- Eo Omwake